Appliance and Electronics Recycling

If you’ve recently upgraded your appliance or electronics and need to recycle the old versions, Junkluggers of Austin is the perfect place for you! They are dedicated to appliance and electronics recycling, ensuring that all materials are properly disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.Whether it’s a refrigerator, tv, computer monitor or other appliance, Junkluggers can remove the clutter from your home quickly and cheaply while protecting the environment.

Let Junkluggers of Austin help you fill your home with new appliances and electronics while safely recycling your old ones today! Electronics and appliances can be difficult to transport, so hiring a professional removal service can take the stress out of the process. We, at The Junkluggers, are experienced in safely transporting large items such as refrigerators, ovens, and televisions. 

Here, we will discuss why you should consider hiring our appliance and electronic removal service.

Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Estimate

We address your questions and concerns and can even schedule a same-day visit.

Our Home Service Providers Arrive

We will agree on a two-hour arrival window that best fits your schedule and will guarantee to arrive on time.

Receive a Free Estimate

We will assess the items and provide you with a no-obligation quote that includes all fees, labor, and dump fees.

We Haul Away!

Our professional, uniformed, and insured home service providers get to work. We will haul away your trash, furniture, or junk.

We Donate!

We return to a central processing facility to sort items to be donated, upcycled, recycled, or sent to landfill.

Items We Take


Eliminate Stressful Moving Processes

Junkluggers’ appliance and electronic removal services are designed to make the moving process easier for customers. These services are focused on providing convenience for their clients by making sure that all their items arrive at their destination safe and sound.

Experienced professionals know how to properly package large items for transportation so that they don’t get damaged during the move. Furthermore, we offer same-day pickup appliance and electronic removal services, which eliminate any unnecessary waiting periods for customers who need to get rid of their unused items quickly.

Recycle Responsibly

A lot of people may not realize that most old electronics must be recycled responsibly in order to protect our environment from hazardous materials like lead or mercury that could potentially leak into our ground water supply when disposed improperly.

Luckily, at The Junkluggers, our professional appliance and electronic removal services have experience with responsible recycling practices which means they will ensure that your unwanted items are disposed of properly without damaging our environment in any way.

Plus, if your item is still usable then The Junkluggers will donate them to charity organizations instead of tossing them out!

Save Money on Appliance and Electronics Recycling

Our removal services are surprisingly affordable if you consider the time it would take you to pack up all your appliances on your own. Moving companies often charge extra fees for large or delicate items like appliances, so it’s best to save yourself some money by hiring a removal service instead. 

Additionally, many appliance and electronic removal services also offer discounts if you book multiple pickups at once or if you refer additional customers to them. So not only will you save money on booking our services initially, but you can also save more money over time as well!

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to appliance and electronics recycling, you need the best; you need a professional. Our junk removal has what it takes to ensure your property doesn’t have any unwanted junk.

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