Complicated Job, Donation Receipt​

Often The Junkluggers are called into solve difficult and complicated furniture and junk removal activities.

One of my biggest hesitations with, getting rid of junk is that most of it isn’t junk. It’s stuff, stuff I want to know is recycled properly, stuff that can be repurposed, stuff that can be donated to someone in need, stuff I can not move myself. 
Instead of spending time delivering items across town, Junkluggers took care of it.
Laura came and gave an estimate the morning after I called. My appointment was easily rescheduled because of rain. No worries, no stress, no charge!
Fast and efficient, on time and pleasant, I was more than happy with the crew that came to do the job.
Junkluggers was the only company that would or could accommodate the entire job. They’ll even send a receipt for donations made to a nonprofit. 
When you need help clearing your space, don’t hesitate. When you want to be confident your money is well spent don’t hesitate. I couldn’t be more happy with the price and the service.

Leslie M.

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