I love the Junkluggers – Google Review

There is nothing as sweet when we hear the words, I love the Junkluggers in a Google Review. We are always gratified when we find customers that are likeminded. We are very passionate about repurposing items and we work hard to give old items new homes. By doing this, we have the added effect of keeping things out of the Austin landfill.

When you find yourself ready to clean up your garage, dispose of an old file cabinet, bring down a playscape, call us at 512-808-7723. Our team of insured in-home service professionals will come by and take care of your clean up. Like magic, your mess will disappear! We love to hear our customers say, “I love working with the Junkluggers”.

Here is what P.R. had to say about our service!

“I love working with Junkluggers because 1. they’re always on time and courteous, and 2. they take whatever items are salvageable and donate to local charities in need!”

Submitted by P.R. on October 2019

Donation junk removal allows you to benefit by decluttering your world. It provides someone in need with free or low-cost items, and you get a receipt! Additionally, if items are diverted from the landfill, mother nature wins too!

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