We Charge By Volume

Junk removal and hauling falls into a few categories. To help you understand our pricing, we have this handy guide. Remember, we are always happy to stop by your location and provide a free, no-obligation, quote. We offer same-day and next-day service. We have separate schedules for residential, commercial, heavy junk and labor only. Our service is based on volume, or how much room your items take in the back of our truck. For reference, our trucks hold approximately four (4) full sized, over filled pick-up trucks. That is a lot of stuff! Our base pricing starts at $129.

What's Included

Our service includes two, insured and background checked, in-home service providers with tools and preparation work materials to ensure a safe removal. Our pricing includes the labor cost to remove the item. Examples would be: moving a treadmill down a flight of stairs or removing your sofa from the living room and out to our truck. We also include all dump fees in our price. If you choose to take items to the landfill on your own, you would have gas and dump fees. You don’t lift a finger to remove your things, we do it all. For a full truck, this includes up to 2 hours of labor. WE NEVER CHARGE MORE THAN WE TAKE! If your items take less room than estimated, we lower your price.

What's Not Included?

There are certain items that are not included because there are special, add-on fees that we have to pay on your behalf.  Also, there are certain labor charges that need to be added if removal will take extra time or effort.  An example of this would be to carry a large sofa down three (3) flights of stairs. Don’t worry, we will provide you a written estimate BEFORE we start so you can agree to the charge.

Here are the items with surcharges:

  • Hot Water Heater $50
  • Mattress/Box Springs $15
  • Paint Cans $2/ea
  • Pianos $100-300
  • Pool Table $100-400
  • Riding Mower $50
  • Safe $100-300
  • Sleeper Sofa/Reclining Sofa $20
  • Tire $15
  • Tires with Rims $15
  • TV/Monitor $5-10
  • Walk-Up $50

Multiple truck discounts are available. Texas State Tax is not included.



One of my biggest hesitations with, getting rid of junk is that most of it isn’t junk. It’s stuff, stuff I want to know is recycled properly, stuff that can be repurposed, stuff that can be donated to someone in need, stuff I cannot move myself. Instead of spending time delivering items across town, Junkluggers took care of it.

Laura came and gave an estimate the morning after I called. My appointment was easily rescheduled because of rain. No worries, no stress, no charge! Fast and efficient, on time and pleasant, I was more than happy with the crew that came to do the job.

Junkluggers was the only company that would or could accommodate the entire job. They’ll even send a receipt for donations made to a nonprofit. When you need help clearing your space, don’t hesitate. When you want to be confident your money is well spent don’t hesitate. I couldn’t be more happy with the price and the service.

-Leslie H.

Contact us today! Text us a picture and we will call with a quote:


Our team of in-home service providers are background checked and insured. These trusted individuals can quickly and safely remove items from your home. If you don’t need items removed, but rather have items to be moved around, we can provide labor-only assistance as well. The team is generally available same or next day to help you liberate your space.

For your commercial clients, we can provide after-hours and weekend service with notice. Further, we have the ability to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your records. We will walk the exit strategy with you to understand elevator strategy and parking. We are comfortable working with property managers to ensure a quick and damage-free removal. Additionally, we can tear down and remove cubicles. Electronic gear is disposed of properly along with file cabinets being recycled. We are your perfect woman-led sustainability partner. We also offer multi-truck discounts!

For construction debris we charge differently, by weight or cubic yardage. As you are aware, cement, dirt, and other heavy items need to be taken in smaller loads. These items are called heavy, dense material.


Send us a picture and we will call with a quote:


Your Health Is Our Priority

In an effort to reduce the spread of the virus, and increase social distancing, our staff is equipped with eyewear, booties and gloves.

Curb and Outside service is available at a 10% discount.

Alternative payment and credit card handling is available.

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