Travis County covers over 1,000 square miles of land. That is a lot of fun in the sun! The Junkluggers of Austin are available across the county, from Allandale to Bee Cave to West Lake Hills. We are your local eco-friendly junk removal company. We are ready when you are. Are team of home service professionals provide furniture disposal and junk removal. Using eco-friendly techniques, we donate, upcycle, and recycle limiting things entering the Austin landfill. We work with commercial partners and home owners to liberate their space. Remember, as part of our service we pay the Travis County dump fees.

We are a part of the community- we serve on the Chambers of Commerce in the area and partner with our local charities to ensure your things can have a second life and help someone in need.

The community’s health is very important to us! Curbside Pick-up is now available – call us today for more details.


Allandale is a quiet suburban neighborhood in North Central Austin. Many of the homes have mature trees, large lots, and the neighborhood is populated with many trendy Allandale apartments, restaurants, bars, and shops as the area has recently gone through gentrification. Allandale is known as a very friendly place with lots of families, dogs, and a close-knit community. Allandale has excellent schools in the Austin Independent School district. Looking to remove clutter and make room as your family grows up? Call us for trustworthy and eco-friendly services to donate or recycle your old furniture and appliances.


The City of Bee Cave as we know it today was incorporated in 1987 and encompassed a two-mile radius. Today it covers over 6.8 square miles and is a growing community. People have been moving to the Bee Cave area since 1850 to escape the big city, and this quaint town on the western end of Travis County continues to serve as an oasis with its own rich cultural life. With the development of the Hill Country Galleria, residents can enjoy food, dining, the library, and access to city hall all in one location. Be sure to check out live music events at the Bee Cave Galleria each weekend.

The children of Bee Cave attend the Lake Travis School District. Over 50% of the population has children in their household and The Junkluggers of Austin have been helping these families get rid of junk pain-free since 2017. We haul off playscapes, clean out garages, and carry away old clothes, toys, and furniture for donation and recycling with friendly, background checked in-home service professionals. We send our clients donation receipts when we donate on their behalf. We know people that choose to live in the gorgeous Bee Cave area care about their community and environment, and we are here to make it easy for them to help!


The Brentwood area is also part of the North Central area of Austin and operated as a cotton farm until the 1940’s. Many of the streets are tree lined with most of the homes being bungalow style. Many of the original lots were purchased by GIs starting families after World War II. Currently, about 50% of the homes are one-person households. A fairly recent addition to the area are apartments and condos which are homes for University of Texas students and young professionals.

If you are looking to clear clutter in your Brentwood apartment or condo, call us at The Junkluggers of Austin for a reliable and eco-friendly experience!


Cedar Park is a fast-growing city located close to downtown Austin in the Hill Country. The city offers the best of all worlds, close to big city living with a suburban twist. There is great football and great neighborhoods as far as the eye can see. Folks are moving in at a fast pace. With change comes the need for new, different furniture, appliances, and outdoor equipment. Did you just buy a home with a broken spa? Why not let The Junkluggers haul the old spa away to make room for the new deck! Is the playscape in the backyard an eyesore? Let us break it down and remove it.  We provide a free, no-obligation quote before we start. All of our work comes estimated with labor and dumping fees included. All you need to do is relax and plan what you are going to do with your new-found space.


Founded in 1983, Circle C is a gem in South Austin. With over 6,400 homes and fun shopping and movies close by, living in Circle C offers a great lifestyle. The community feeds into some fantastic schools like Clayton, Gorzycki, and Bowie High. Once the Mopac upgrade is complete, Circle C will finally have easy access to the community.

Currently, there are seven gated communities in Circle C. Our team of in-home service providers has worked in most, if not all, of these communities. Circle C has grown to over 15,000, and some of the homes in the development are more than thirty-five years old!

Thankfully, as a community in Austin, property values continue to increase, and it is a great time to remodel. Rather than having a container sitting in your driveway, you could have your demolition or bulky junk removed every morning keeping the mess to a minimum.

Living in Circle C comes with some homeowner guidelines. For example, playscapes, swing sets, and other recreational equipment must have plans submitted to the Architectural control committee. Given that all playscapes have to be built with standard construction techniques, playscapes, like the one in your backyard, may have outlived its purpose! It could be that your kids have outgrown the swings. When you need to liberate the backyard of your well-constructed playscape, call us to remove your recreational equipment safely, and efficiently.

Proper construction restrictions apply to sheds as well. If you find that you no longer need a shed, let our team quickly and safely remove it. Many times, sheds are filled with unwanted paint and household chemicals. Our team can safely remove these items. A great way to make your backyard look larger is to remove bulky items that are no longer needed.

Another area where we can help is with the removal of old decking, pergolas/arbors, and hot tubs. If you need to change your look or a hot tub breaks, you need to have these bulky items removed. Call our team. We are hot tub removal specialists.

As you can see, the folks in Circle C have a few rules that ensured outdoor construction is durable. Sometimes items outlast their utility. So, before they become an eyesore, or a home for unwanted critters, call The Junkluggers of Austin to remove unneeded playscapes, hot tubs, pergolas and sheds. Keep Circle C the beautiful gem of South Austin.


Crestview is a town with a great history. It was developed on the site of an old dairy farm in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Crestview is home to the famous Top-Notch Burgers from the cult favorite Dazed and Confused starring Matthew McConaughey, one of Austin’s favorite local actors. The residential neighborhood is dotted with single family bungalows, midcentury ranch homes, and small apartment complexes. About 80% of neighborhood households are childless. Homes in this area are in high demand and very kept. Keep your Crestview home real-estate ready with a clean-out. Call us today for a no-obligation estimate!


Welcome to the Music Capital of the globe, Austin, TX. Nothing depicts downtown Austin more than scooters, bar-be-que, live music, and traffic jams. We specialize in working downtown to remove junk and haul it away. Where to park? We have got you covered. Let our team of junk removal specialists make it simple for you. They will protect your office, condo, or apartment as they navigate their way back to our truck. Our goal is to donate, upscale, or recycle your unwanted items, giving you peace of mind that you are doing your part to keep garbage out of the Austin landfill.


We are the premier junk removal & hauling company in Austin, and yes, we serve Lake Travis, too!

Are you ready to liberate your space?  Great! We are your eco-friendly junk removal partners. Our trained home service providers quickly and safely remove unwanted items from your spaces.  Additionally, we remove items without damage to hallways or lobbies. Don’t worry, our team is ready when you are and same day and next day appointments available.It is our goal is to make the process quick and painless for you. Further, local charities in Austin benefit by receiving your items.

Let the experts in commercial, residential, condo, and apartment junk removal help you today.  If needed, The Junkluggers can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to your company or property manager.


On the western edge of the City of Austin you will find the city of Lakeway, a quaint lake town with all the amenities of a lakefront town and modern amenities. The town was originally developed as a resort town by some wealthy oilmen from Houston when they were visiting and saw the stunning Lake Travis, which was the result of the building of the Mansfield Dam in 1942. The city of Lakeway is one of the fastest growing areas of Austin, with a feel of the hill country in its views of hills, cedar fields, and of course the very popular Lake Travis resort area. Residents can enjoy boating, surfing, skiing, water parks, ziplines, and fun restaurants. It is home to the Lake Travis School district which is known to have some of the best athletic programs in Texas. The neighborhood streets boast stunning trees (and over 100 acres of parks and trails) which are studded with wildlife; residents are careful to be on the lookout for deer! The Junkluggers of Austin supports many community events, including golf tournaments at some of the local golf courses. The City of Lakeway is one of the fastest growing areas of Austin because it is such an idyllic place to live. With the development in Lakeway, several premiere retirement communities have moved, and we have enjoyed helping those downsizing donate some of the items they no longer need to local charities. We are also a proud member of the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce. Lakeway is growing fast and we love helping families repurpose the stuff they don’t need to charities and recycling items from their remodeling project. We are here to get rid of your junk and stress!


Who doesn’t love SOCO? The sounds, the vibe, the food. There is a lot of renovation going on in the neighborhood. With renovation comes to trash, junk, and unwanted items. Do you need a small 16’ container for the day to fill up with construction debris? We can help!  Better yet, call The Junkluggers of Austin. Let us come to your home or office, provide you with a free no-obligation quote, and remove the items quickly and efficiently. When we are done, we will sweep out the area. Our pricing includes all labor and dump fees. Think about it: why take the risk of picking up something that is too heavy to try and get it to the sidewalk? Let the trained professionals at The Junkluggers take care of it for you.


Rosedale is another central Austin area that also began budding with homes during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Ramsey Park is in the center of Rosedale and has many amenities for the people of the surrounding community including a gorgeous pool, numerous sports courts, and a lovely grassy area. This area is known for being home to many of Austin’s fine medical facilities including the flagship Seton hospital. Similar to Crestview, Rosedale was developed into farm and dairy land in the late 1800’s, it then transitioned to an area known for its nurseries and florists in the 1900’s. There is still evidence of the original lovely landscape around the whole area. Do your part to keep the neighborhood beautiful by letting us recycle and donate your clutter; call or text us today for a free estimate!


Who doesn’t love SOCO? The sounds, the vibe, the food. There is a lot of renovation going on in the neighborhood. With renovation comes to trash, junk, and unwanted items. Do you need a small 16’ container for the day to fill up with construction debris? We can help!  Better yet, call The Junkluggers of Austin. Let us come to your home or office, provide you with a free no-obligation quote, and remove the items quickly and efficiently. When we are done, we will sweep out the area. Our pricing includes all labor and dump fees. Think about it: why take the risk of picking up something that is too heavy to try and get it to the sidewalk? Let the trained professionals at The Junkluggers take care of it for you.


Steiner Ranch is an amazing area to live. Located in 78732, Steiner is nestled between Lake Austin and The Oasis on Lake Travis.  With quick access to the 620, it offer the best of Austin with a neighborhood feel. The Junkluggers of Austin spend a fair amount of time in Steiner Ranch. We provide background checked and insured in-home service professionals that you can feel comfortable having in your home. Folks in Steiner Ranch appreciate that we are not just another junk removal company.  We take great care to protect walls, stairs, and valuable floors from damage. Our teams work quickly and professionally.  Same-day or next-day appointments are available.

Let us be your junk hauling service in Steiner Ranch. If your items are still usable, we will work to donate, re-purpose, or recycle your things. We do everything possible to keep items out of the landfill.


Westlake is home to Laura Chavez and her family, the owners of The Junkluggers of Austin. It holds a special place in her heart. West Lake Hills is where she raised her children and started her business. The Junkluggers of Austin proudly supports and serves the Eanes community. Laura has fond memories of attending many football games and track meets over the years as well as musicals and concerts as her children both went through the Eanes system and graduated from Westlake High School. Laura was very active in supporting Eanes through various roles, including homeroom mom, team mom, and other tasks to support the exceptional teachers and coaches of the acclaimed Eanes School District.

The West Lake Hills community has always been supportive of local businesses. Laura is an active member of the Westlake Chamber of Commerce, serving as an ambassador and on the humanitarian committee. Additionally, Laura partners with the Westlake Chamber to collect coats and other winter clothing items for Meals on Wheels annually. The Junkluggers of Austin is a perfect match for the West Lake Hills community as both have a huge commitment to enhancing our community through charitable work. We help members of our community donate items to traditional charities and just help people in non-traditional ways. The desire to help people locally lets us serve the West Lake Hills community perfectly. Westlake junk removal is a phone call away.


"Absolutely wonderful men that are polite, nice and very efficient on loading up our backyard junk. Well worth the cost."
Serving all of Travis County: Allandale, Bee Cave, Downtown Austin, West Lake Hills, and beyond!
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