Are you ready to liberate your space? Removing unwanted items is a great way to make your living area or office space feel open and refreshed. We are ready to help you with your unique junk situation including: heavy furniture removal, office clean out, or helping a loved one with a hoarding situation. The Junkluggers of Austin are your junk removal experts. Start fresh today with our 5 Step Process:

STEP 1: Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Estimate

We can address any questions or concerns you may have, and we can even schedule a same-day visit.

STEP 2: Our Home Service Providers Arrive

When you book your job or estimate, we will agree on a two-hour arrival window that best fits your schedule and will guarantee to arrive on time. If we arrive less than 30 minutes late, we provide an automatic 5% off the total bill. If we arrive more than 30 minutes late, we provide an automatic 10% off. We will keep you informed of our whereabouts throughout the process. When the truck is about thirty minutes from your home or office, one of our friendly luggers will give you a quick phone call to let you know they are on their way.

STEP 3: Receive a Free Estimate

When The Junkluggers of Austin arrive at your location, we will assess the items that you need to remove and we will provide you with a free non-obligation quote. Our estimate include all fees, labor, and dump fees.

STEP 4: We Lug It Away!

Our team of professional, uniformed and insured home service providers go to work to quickly and safely remove your items.

STEP 5: We Donate!

Once we leave your location is where the work really begins. Our team returns to a central processing facility where we sort items into several categories. There are items that can be immediately donated, items that can be upcycled, items that can be recycled, items that can go to Austin Resource Recovery and finally items that need to go to the landfill.  It is our goal to limit the number of times going to the landfill by 80%.


From microwaves to mattresses, we’ve helped Austin residents recycle and donate a wide variety of items, big and small. While there are some hazardous materials we may not be able to haul for you, we’ll let you know exactly what we can take during your free on-site estimate and walk-through. Then we’ll expertly and efficiently remove your household and commercial items, at a price you’ll love! When it comes to furniture and junk hauling in Austin, The Junkluggers provide great value. We want to be your trusted partner.





Whether you are a Real Estate agent or getting your home staged for sale, The Junkluggers of Austin helps clean up your home and clean out clutter. Our team of home service providers can help to move heavy items around, bring items down from the attic, clean out the garage, and then take the clutter away when they leave!  Make your home look its best by having our insured and background checked furniture removal professionals do the heavy lifting.

Help with clearing out the inside

An important part of preparing your home is to make it seem as big as possible. A great technique to make your home feel bigger is to discard or relocate furniture. We have two good options to help. We provide labor-only services where background-checked and insured home service professionals help you move around your furniture and heavy items at a fixed price per hour. Why risk hurting your back when you can have two professionals move things around for you? If you end up wanting to discard items, no problem! We can add a removal service charge, load up our truck, and be on our way.

Get your garage ready for a new car

Often your garage becomes your storage locker. Old cans of paint and household chemicals stack up on your shelves. Amazon boxes fill up the corner. Old building materials are stacked against the wall, and it has been years since you have parked your car in the garage. This isn’t uncommon. However, you want your garage to look its best. We can safely remove tiles, old household chemicals, and paint, disposing of them safely and keeping them out of our landfill. Not everything is junk, but it needs to be removed.

Backyard need to be amazing!

We live in Austin. Who doesn’t want to be outside cooking and having a good time? It is important to make your backyard feel warm and inviting. Is your spa broken? This doesn’t help the value of your home. Once you have the electric and water disconnected, call The Junkluggers. We will quickly and safely remove your old spa or hot tub. You will be surprised how much room this adds to your yard.

Another opportunity to improve your backyard is to clean out or remove any old storage sheds. Often old sheds have broken doors, leaks and are filled with spiders or other critters. The same thing is true for playscapes. Let us help you today!


Is it time to upgrade or remove old furniture from your home or apartment? Call The Junkluggers of Austin. We can provide eco-friendly solutions to quickly and safely remove unneeded furniture from your living area. Do you really want to try and drag that heavy old couch out to the street for bulk pick up day? Why not let the Junkluggers come into your home for quick and safe furniture removal?

We save you time and most importantly, your back! We work hard to try to find a second home for your old items. Our goal is to keep old furniture out of the Austin landfill. Many times, we work with one of our local charity groups to benefit others in the Austin community. We always feel great seeing old furniture find a new home.

We take:

Heavy furniture? Odd sizes? Tight spaces? We can handle it!

Ever try to life a piano? If you are ready to donate unwanted musical instruments, we can help. After we leave your home, the real work begins. We bring your furniture back to our warehouse where we sort your items for usability. If possible, we will donate on your behalf, and if possible, we provide you with a donation receipt. It is always easy to work with us. When you schedule a visit, we will provide you with a two-hour arrival window. We will call you 15 minutes before we arrive. Once at your home, we will provide a free no-obligation quote. This quote includes the labor to remove the items and associated fees. We strive to provide 5-star service, and we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied.

Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!


Austin commercial office junk & waste removal can be a challenge. Is your company upsizing, downsizing, or replacing furniture? We can help. We are experts at office clean-outs. Our team will provide you with a written quote. An estimator will walk the exit path understanding which elevators to use, where to park, and what hours we can provide service. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) can be provided on request. The Junkluggers of Austin are insured, and our employees have passed a background check.  You can feel safe and comfortable knowing that you are partnering with a professional organization. Further, we are a woman-owned organization that works to donate and re-purpose items removed from your office.  Why not choose a sustainability partner that is focused on giving back to the Austin community?

File cabinets have gone the way of the buggy whip.

When was the last time you reached into a file cabinet for a file? The business world is in the cloud. Why keep old file cabinets? File cabinets become magnets for old papers, books, and stuff. Let us free up offices, open up hallways, and recycle the metal. If you still have old files, why not digitize them for safety? If they are important enough to keep, they should be digital. In a recent article from Digiscribe, it was found that a single file cabinet can cost more than $1,200 a year in office space. Look around and do the math! Learn more about how much your filing cabinets are costing you.

Services we provide:

Our price includes labor, removal and dump fees. Our team will work hard to sort your items to reduce waste. We will donate, upscale, or recycle before things go to the landfill. If a donation is made, we provide a donation receipt.


Same and Next Day Service Junk Removal Experts!

Let us dispose of your items responsibly!

If you manage a bank or credit union, there is a good chance you have unwanted items. Likely, you have junk removal needs above and beyond normal business trash. The Junkluggers of Austin understands the unique challenges involved in providing furniture and junk removal for banks and credit unions. If needed, we can work with your property manager to make things effortless.

From out-of-date forms to even trash and furniture left behind at a foreclosed property, junk can quickly pile up. We will also go to construction sites or local businesses to pick up most types of junk. When its time to deal with the mess, your only call should be to The Junkluggers of Austin at 512-808-7723!

Your trusted furniture removal & junk hauling partner.

Work with a commercial furniture and junk removal company that background checks all its employees. Our team is insured, and we can provide you with proof of our liability insurance and a COI prior to entering your location.  Our team is well versed in lifting techniques and they arrive with the appropriate tools to efficiently complete your job. We are Austin’s premier furniture and junk removal, partner.

Say goodbye to old computers, assets, & banking equipment.

Our eco-friendly approach to junk removal can work seamlessly with any existing sustainability initiatives your institution may have. We work to donate as many items as possible by working with local charities across Austin. You can see a sample of some of the groups we work with here. Our team works to recycle things like scrap metal and repurpose what’s left to minimize what gets put into Austin landfill. Most importantly you will feel great knowing that items are disposed of properly! The Junkluggers take care of removing your old, unwanted items so you can focus on your banking business. We safely remove items like:


Appliance and electronics removal in Austin is difficult. Perhaps you have old appliances or electronics sitting around the house. Are they broken down and not doing anything but collecting dust and taking up space? Maybe you have an urgent need to remove these items.  Call and take advantage of our same and next-day service. It’s time to get rid of old appliances today!

Removing old refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves can be a difficult process. Appliances are big and notoriously hard to pick up or move. How do you know where to take them once you load them in the car? Electronics including old TVs can be awkward and dangerous to move on your own and they need to be disposed of properly. Save your back and your walls! Call the Junkluggers of Austin to magically take away old TVs and heavy electronics. Trust our background-checked home service professionals.

At The Junkluggers of Austin we provide an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly appliance and electronics removal service. You don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items. Not only that, but we make sure that your old appliances and electronics end up in the right place. It might be a charity if the appliances are still functioning. Possibly items may be taken to a recycling facility to ensure your appliance is disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Finally, our price will include removal labor and dump fees.

We take:


As a furniture and junk hauling organization in Austin, we see a number of hoarding situations. Hoarding is a misunderstood and often painful situation many people suffer. There are many types of hoarders, from collectors to trash hoarders and everything in between.

Here are some typical signs of hoarding:

  • constantly acquiring things compulsively
  • buying or acquiring unneeded items
  • saving everything, without the ability to throw anything away
  • being unable to organize possessions or know when to throw them away.

Oftentimes, both the hoarder and their families are challenged with how to eliminate the waste. Typically, the disorganization and volume of items begins to impact the lives of the individual and their families. Eventually, if left unresolved, hoarding can impact friendships, family dynamics, health, and safety – not to mention the stress it places on the individual.

Hoarding is a sensitive situation.

The Junkluggers of Austin are trained to deal with these types of removals. Our team of service professionals are trained to quickly and safely work in this stressful environment. We understand the sensitive nature and stress that comes from a junk removal. Our team will work closely with the family or other professionals to create a clean, fresh living space.

There is a temptation during these removals to throw everything away. Care must be given to understand if specific items may have some value that is not apparent. An example could be a bucket that has been used to carry things. It could be that an item may be beautiful to the person. Maybe that old doll has sentimental value. Not everything is trash, and helping to give control to the hoarder in decision making is oftentimes successful as they learn to let go.

If needed, we can set up staging areas where we can sort onsite to separate out donate-able items, recyclable items, and trash. If needed, we can recommend a professional organizer to help with the sorting and re-staging of the living environment. It is a multi-pronged approach that works best and we are just one part of the solution to help someone in a hoarding situation.

If you would like to learn more about hoarding let us recommend this information provided by the Mayo Clinic.

Call us today to learn more about how our junk hauling services can assist you or someone you love through a hoarding situation.


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From home, to office, to hoarding…we can help. Call us or text us a photo for a free quote:

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