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Austin’s Environmentally friendly junk hauling and recycling solution

At Junkluggers, we specialize in junk removal in the Austin area, but that’s only the beginning. We don’t just take your junk and toss it into the landfill. We strive to recycle and reuse our customers’ discarded items whenever possible. Remember the old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”? Well we take it a step further, by repurposing unwanted items and materials.

We pride ourselves in diverting up to 80% of the junk we haul so it doesn’t end up in the Austin landfill. This includes raw materials such as metals, which can often be recycled into brand new goods. It also includes items our customers simply don’t need, but that are still perfectly useable. For example, we help locate new homes for furniture items, including furnishing living spaces for previously homeless individuals who are being resettled into the community.

Healthier living

There’s good evidence that living in a clutter-free environment is good for you. A tidy living area means fewer physical hazards, and fewer items that may contain allergens and molds, which can have negative health impacts. Plus, it’s easier to simply find things in a home that’s clean and tidy. For the elderly, it is even more important to live in a clutter-free environment to reduce trip-and-fall risks. Plus, it just feels better to live in a space that’s clutter-free and well organized.

It’s easy to let clutter build up. In many cases, it’s hard to figure out what to get rid of and what to keep. And of course, some items are simply too heavy. Why risk hurting your back? Let Junkluggers do the heavy lifting!

The high cost of doing it yourself

If you’re thinking about renting a dumpster and doing it yourself, beware—DIY projects can cost more than you bargained for. For one thing, hauling your own junk is a lot of work, and you could easily injure yourself lifting heavy items. Don’t risk bodily injury; call JunkLuggers and avoid problems. Also, dumpsters are expensive. They often have to be rented for a minimum number of days. When you add up all the time, out-of-pocket costs, and risks of injury, you could have hired a team of professionals and gotten the job done in two hours instead of taking on a three-day project … with you doing all the work!

How to choose a junk-hauling company

Need a reliable junk removal company to help out? Here are some things to think about before you decide:

  • Are they professional and eco-friendly?
  • Is it a real company, or just someone moonlighting?
  • Are they insured in case of property damage to your home?
  • Do they carry Worker’s Compensation?
  • Are dump fees included? With many low-cost furniture and junk removal services, you’re responsible for dump fees.
  • Do they have the right tools to provide efficient waste removal?
  • Do they provide a written estimate of the removal cost and final price before they start?
  • Can you can speak to a live operator?

Speedy professional service

Let’s face it, when you’ve got junk to get rid of, you want it gone asap. With JunkLuggers of Austin, your needs can be met either the same or the next day. And we remove your junk quickly after we arrive. Bottom line: You’re busy. You’ve got things to do. At JunkLuggers of Austin, we respect your time and your need to get rid of your junk right now, not three weeks from now.

Do they take everything?

Oftentimes, donation companies will refuse to pick-up furniture because it’s chipped or scratched or stained. Not JunkLuggers. We take everything and either recycle or repurpose it, or dispose of it in full compliance with environmental regulations.

Toxic items

It’s important to understand if there are surcharges for potentially toxic items such as tires or paint. If any household junk provider offers to dispose of toxic materials, you should report them immediately. Home junk removal services should never remove hazardous waste. Call 311 and ask for Austin Resource Recovery. They can assist you in disposing of hazardous chemicals properly. A licensed junk hauler should be able to take all of your items, but some things may require a surcharge that will impact the average cost. Not all items can be taken by a junk removal company.

Commercial property managers

If you’re a commercial property manager, extra floor space is priceless. Imagine reconfiguring your office so you use even less space. Efficiency saves money and improves profitability. Commercial customers often have items that may still be useable. JunkLuggers of Austin will work with you to donate, repurpose, or recycle your unwanted items. Be sure to ask for a donation receipt for donated items. You may be able to use it as a tax deduction.

Need to get rid of junk? Call JunkLuggers at 512-808-7723

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