Huge Hauling Challenge

I had a huge junk hauling challenge.  Junkluggers of Austin made my experience not only a good one, but a great one.  They were prompt, flexible, friendly, unbelievably efficient–and I loved that the only things that went to the landfill were the things that could not be donated or recycled.  I will use them again, and I recommend them without reservation.  They charge a little more, but I absolutely believe that I received more than full value for the amount I paid.

Linda H.
Yelp Review

Oh yeah, we remember this one. A lot to remove but we are always up for a challenge! We need to be efficient because we add an extra step to ever job that we do. We sort. When we sort, we can divert items from the landfill. We can recycle, we can donate and we can help our community. It would be much easier to pick up junk and go to the dump, but where is the challenge in that?

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