Partnering with the Austin Habitat for Humanity

Donate Furniture and unused construction material in Travis County

Partnering with Habitat for Humanity is a privilege. Do you have clean usable furniture or an abundance of unused construction materials? Have you remodeled or do you have clean, working appliances that could use a new home? Consider donating these items to Habitat for Humanity. The folks at Habitat work to give back to deserving individuals across Central Texas.

The Habitat for Humanity was founded in Americus Georgia in 1976. It is is a non-profit with a simple mission to build simple, decent affordable housing. They have a simple and honorable mission. As part of their organization, Habitat also has the ReStore. We partner with the Austin ReStore. The ReStore is a retail store that sells new and used building material, furniture and other items donated by businesses and the community. The funds from the ReStore are used to help fund the constructions of homes! So, indirectly, you can participate in the building of homes by supporting the ReStore. A little known fact is that the ReStore funds 100% of the administrative cost for the Habitat affiliate! This means that 100% of donor funds go toward the construction and rehabilitation of projects. How great is that!

Imagine how great it will feel to know that your items have found a new home. Rather than adding to the Austin landfill, your unneeded treasures can be used by someone in need. Most times, it doesn’t make sense to try and sell older appliances online. You don’t know who will be coming to your house and you never know if they will be happy with their purchase. There is more risk than reward!

If you have small items, it is easy to drop items off at Habitat. They are located in Austin. You can find out more about their amazing local programs here. The Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

The Junkluggers and the Austin ReStore work to keep items out of the landfill

How it works – getting items to the ReStore

We partner with Habit for Humanity | Donate today!

When you have your items put together, you need to take an assessment of what you have.

  • Take Items to the ReStore – Items that you can transport items directly to the ReStore you can stop by during business hours. The team at the ReStore will be happy to accept your donation and they will provide you with a donation receipt.
  • Have the team at the ReStore pick up your items – Call the ReStore and schedule a limited free pick-up service for large items – If you have too many items to transport or if your items are big and bulky you can call and see if this is a good option for you.
  • Call The Junkluggers of Austin we partner with Habitat for Humanity- Sometimes you need to have things removed quickly from your home, office or construction site. Other times you need to donate furniture or have large, heavy or bulky things removed. We can come to your location on the same or next day. With a quick call, we can remove your items and deliver them directly to the ReStore. Further, we will provide you with a donation receipt for your generous donation to Habitat. For your generosity, we will provide you with a 15% discount on our service. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote before we remove your items.

We value our association with Habitat for Humanity. Doing good for our community never felt so good!

Habitat for Humanity
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