Removal of Paint and Household Chemicals

Safe household chemicals disposal and the removal of paint is important. Is your garage full of unwanted paint and household chemicals? Paint goes bad over time. It is important that paint is disposed of properly. We can come to your home and quickly and safely remove these items. While we are there, we can also remove your old refrigerator that is full of freon.

One great technique for remembering paint color is to take a picture of the paint label before it gets dirty! Often, we keep old paint to remember the paint color. By having the recipe and brand, you are guaranteed to get the same color the next time you need it.

Old household chemicals can really become a problem. Do you have household chemicals in unmarked plastic bottles? Do you really want to risk using an unmarked chemical? One quick tip is to ensure that before you mix a chemical into a plastic bottle, mark the bottle with the name of the product. Always use this bottle for this product and make sure you use a permanent marker!

While you are cleaning out your old paint and chemicals from the garage, let us also remove other junk that has grown in your garage. Do you still have the old Christmas tree leaning against the wall? We can make that disappear in a moment!

It is important for the environment to dispose of household chemicals and paint properly Call the Junkluggers of Austin to remove unwanted paint for proper disposal. Call for a free quote 512-808-7723

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