Take Back Your Back!

Do you remember how to lift properly?

Take care of your back, call the Junkluggers

Do you remember proper lifting techniques? Tweaking your back can happen in an instant. You lift something heavy or bulky, and you have that uh oh moment. Face it; lifting isn’t part of your daily activities. Likely, you work behind a desk. This doesn’t mean that you can’t; it means that you don’t routinely lift heavy items.

Perhaps you need to move your sofa from one wall to another, are you tempted to try and move it alone? Don’t. Not only is a sofa heavy, but it is also awkward. Further, if you slide it, you could scratch your floor! While not all furniture is heavy, most furniture is awkward and should be moved by two or more people. If you are moving heavy or awkward items, remember to use tools! There are sliding coasters that you can place under heavy items that also help to limit scratches. Use appliance movers or dollies. Take advantage of leverage, do not use brute force to accomplish a lift!

Before you pick up something heavy, think about these lifting techniques.

  • Take a minute to stretch and plan your lift
  • If the item is awkward or too heavy, wait for help!
  • Don’t lift by bending forward. Remember to bend your hips and knees and squat down to the load. (if you can do this, consider getting help).
  • As you lift, keep the load close to your body and straighten your legs as you lift.
  • Don’t lift a heavy load above your shoulders.
  • DO NOT twist your body while you are lifting our while holding a heavy object.
  • If you don’t have help call The Junkluggers of Austin, we offer labor only help by the hour!

Learn more about lifting techniques by checking out this great reference from the Mayo Clinic

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