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Austin Senior Move and Downsizing

Is it time to downsize your home?

Choose a senior move or downsizing partner in Austin that is sensitive to the situation. As we age life brings on a new set of challenges.  These challenges could be children moving far from home, or financial change brought on my retirement or health problems.  All of these changes could make it more difficult to live independently at home.

Change is challenging when seniors face a transformation of their lifestyle. Living in the same home for many years creates memories. We are all connected to our homes and our possessions. Disrupting a routine can be difficult for seniors. They may feel like they are about to lose everything important to them. Imagine an old chair, with a lifetime of memories, suddenly being loaded on a truck.  The transition can feel overwhelming.

Further, for many, there is a lifetime of items and treasures cluttered across the house.  The sofa that they thought was an heirloom is really just an outdated couch.  To ensure that a home transition goes smoothly, take some time before the move and mark the most important things that need to stay.  Separate items with little to no meaning and work to understand how much room you will have and where to dispose of times.  Control and advance planning for a new home will significantly reduce stress during a transition.

Things to consider before making a senior move

Contact a professional organizer from Austin to put together a plan.  In Austin, you may want to reach out to the National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO) These folks can do a good job of walking through a move and the process needed for a successful transition. 

If you are moving into a retirement or assisted living facility, be sure to understand how many things you can bring in.  Often the use of personal furniture and items is limited. 

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After the move, leftovers can be an issue

Furniture and junk removal following a move can be an important aspect of a transaction. You may want to have an insured and background checked junk hauling service provide you with a free estimate before proceeding. Likely, many items may be useable, but outdated. Consider working with a junk removal company dedicated to donating, recycling or repurposing items.  A professional junk removal service provider can make leftover items disappear.

Feel good that items will go on to another owner or are disposed of in an eco-friendly way.  Also, there is an opportunity to receive donation receipts if items can be donated. Additionally, look for a junk hauling company that is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers also known as NASMM. Here is a link to local Austin move members.

Austin Senior Move and Downsizing doesn’t have to be difficult

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