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Warehouse clean-outs can either be ongoing or a one-time event. We all know that the cost of warehouse space is EXPENSIVE in Austin. Who wants to pay for more space than they need? Better yet, why would you ever want to waste floorspace on non-revenue producing junk! Commercial warehouse junk removal is different than residential clean-outs. Generally, commercial customers require a COI (certificate of Insurance). You also need workers that enter your facility to have workman’s compensation if they happen to get hurt. The Junkluggers of Austin are all employees that are background checked and insured.

Woman-owned 5-star service

One way to keep the cost of your warehouse down is to keep it clean. Dedicate a space beyond your dumpster space for items to dispose of. This space could include boxes, wood pallets, broken equipment, etc. We can stop by once a week or once a month to keep up this dedicated area. You can feel good that these items will either be disposed of properly or recycled. As a woman-owned business, we can be your trusted sustainability partner.

Save space for your inventory, not trash!

Sometimes, you need to exit a warehouse. Clean-outs can be daunting. After you have taken out your valuable items, what do you do with all the shelving, empty boxes, and trash exposed with a warehouse clean-out? Now is a great time to call The Junkluggers of Austin for a free no-obligation quote on cleaning out your warehouse. We will come into your warehouse on your schedule to break down shelves, remove all the trash, garbage and household chemicals and paint. We will finish by broom sweeping out the entire warehouse! How great is that?

Office furniture removal can also occur at the same time. Often, we can donate or repurpose the items that we remove from your facility. If we can give any of the items, we will provide you with the donation receipt.

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