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Call today for a free quote for furniture or junk removal today. One call takes care of it all! We are available for junk removal and hauling across Austin. Often we are asked why do people call junk removal companies? The answer is simple, people want to clear out clutter, remove unwanted items in most cases, things that are bulky or heavy.

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The City of Austin has a weekly garbage pick-up and twice a year offer curbside bulk pick up. These services meet the needs of many. But what happens when you miss the bulk pick up? Do you want your broken stove sitting in your kitchen for the next six months? What happens if your sofa is too heavy to take to the curb? These are great reasons to call The Junkluggers of Austin.

Make furniture, office equipment, junk, and stuff disappear. Poof!

Further, what should you do when the items are still usable? Do you want to send useable furniture to the dump? Yes, you could try to sell it online, but then you have strangers knocking on your door. Wouldn’t you prefer to see the item donated or repurposed keeping it out of the landfill

Additionally, Junk removal and hauling companies can also help when you need immediate help. A good example is if you rent your apartment and the tenant leaves the apartment trashed. We can quickly clean out the mess and haul away the junk. We provide the labor, the muscle and take care of all the dump fees. It couldn’t be simpler. There is no need to use a container, we are an Austin cleanup specialist! Lets us provide the labor.

The Junkluggers of Austin is different. Our job starts after we leave your home. When your items return to our warehouse we sort items to donate, repurpose, recycle or discard. This method helps to keep items out of the landfill. If we donate your items you receive a receipt. We want to be your junk removal and hauling company in Austin.

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