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Blogging about trash, junk and hauling away items

Living a decluttered lifestyle is important. Folks have been moving away from collecting possessions to creating open, spacious living spaces. If you have a large living area, congratulations! Having more than 1,500 square feet is hard to find.

For those that are living in smaller, urban spaces, you need to become more creative. It is important to think about the things that you surround yourself with. For example, can a piece of furniture become multiple purposes? Does your dining table need to be your work at home desk? Can you scan all your paperwork and keep it on the cloud? If so, you don’t need a file cabinet!

You can also hear about charitable junk removal. For example, just because you don’t need a piece of furniture doesn’t mean that the furniture should go to the landfill. Certain types of junk hauling services take the time to donate or repurpose unwanted furniture and stuff. For example, there are charity partners that work with certain trash removal companies to donate to the needy.

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