Here come the Holidays Austin!

Getting ready for the holidays in Austin? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you ready? It seems like just yesterday kids were in summer activities! Where has the year gone? It seems like everywhere you turn; folks are making plans for the holidays. As you prepare for family and friends here are some things to think about.

Sleeping Area 

Is your guest bedroom ready for guests? Often time, the guest bedroom becomes the catch-all room for your house. Do you have room in your closet for hanging clothes? Often times you can breakdown open boxes or thin out your extra clothes to make room.  Liberating your guest room is the best option for creating a private, comfortable living space for your guests.

So what do you do when you have more people than beds?

Do you have a small office? You may want to consider putting Moroccan-inspired floor cushions into your office.  These clever cushions are not only decorative and comfortable, but they also make a great bed for a few days.   You can get an idea of what these floor cushions look like at Urban Outfitters

Remove Excess Furniture From Your Living Space

Other logistics

  • Time off – Do you need to request time off while your guests are in town?  If so, ask early.  Everyone wants time off during the holidays.
  • Car Rental / Parking – Does your guest need to rent a car or are you going to share?  If your guests need to rent a car, make a reservation soon!  Cars go quickly during the holidays.  If you live in an area with limited parking do you need a temporary parking permit?
  • Shopping – Are you cooking? Don’t forget the basics along with your specialty items. Don’t spend your time running back and forth to the grocery store!
  • Dinner reservations – If you are planning on going out to dinner, you need to get your reservation right now. You don’t want to have your brunch reservation at 4:00 pm, do you?

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down


Yes, we love the holidays but sometimes, they can be stressful. Cramped living, a change in your routine or maybe old memories can often trigger unwanted stress.  Don’t forget to exercise, even a walk around the block, eat right, and keep a positive attitude.  Meditation is always a great option to refocus on all the good things to be thankful for during the holidays.

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