Garbage Service Vs Junk Removal

Garbage Service Vs Junk Removal comparison

We hope you enjoy this Garbage Service Vs Junk Removal comparison. We are often asked why do people pay for a professional junk removal service Vs using the Austin garbage collection service. This is a great question and worthy of a discussion.

Most, if not all cities have a curbside garbage collection service. Generally, you have two trash cans, one for garbage and one for recyclables. Then once a week, you pull your trash cans to the curb on a specific day and by the end of the workday, a garbage truck comes by and empties your trash can. Most cities, like Austin, pick up your trash once a week and recyclables bi-monthly. For many people, this set-up works out perfectly.

Additionally, twice a year, the city of Austin has a bulk pick-up program where they take large and bulky items like furniture, mattresses, and carpet for free. It is your responsibility to get the items to the curb and they will stop by to pick up the items. It is a great service if you have the ability to get the items out of your home.

So why would you ever need a junk removal service? Well, most folks use a junk removal company like The Junkluggers of Austin, for the in-between times. Let’s talk about a few examples where you might want to consider using a professional furniture and junk removal company.

I need my junk removed today!

Most junk removal calls come in for the same or next day service! Being able to choose when you will have items removed is one of the biggest reasons why people call the pros. Some companies like The Junkluggers of Austin will also give you a 2-hour window scheduled appointment.

My situation has changed

Life can sometimes be messy. Sometimes, life events force unanticipated time urgency. Examples include moving, unexpected change of life, divorce, eviction, or even getting new furniture or something breaking. When life throws you a curveball, the last thing you need to think about is coordinating junk removal. Who has time to find a truck, some friends and somewhere to take it? You have more important things to do!

I can’t lift or move my junk to the curb

As mentioned, the city offers two bulk pick-up services per year. This is a great service, but what happens if you live alone? How do you put an old couch out for pick up? Trying to pull or lift a heavy piece of furniture can be a challenge with two people! Imagine attempting this alone. There is a high likelihood that you will hurt your back or damage your home. Don’t try to muscle a bulky piece of furniture out of your home.

Moving furniture or an old treadmill can really be tough when you are trying to move it down a set of stairs. The same holds true fora narrow hallway or door. If your items are on the second floor, consider getting some help! Remember, the city doesn’t come into your home to remove items, they only come to the curb. If you need help to move items to the curb or around the house, companies like The Junkluggers of Austin have labor only pricing as well. This is a great option if you have time to wait for a pick-up. Don’t forget your personal safety, be careful who you let into your home. Our team is background checked and insured for your safety.

Big and bulky require experts with tools

Some say the best day of your life is when you get a hot tub installed in your backyard. Other’s say the best day of your life is when you get a broken hot tub removed from your backyard. Both are correct! Like most things, hot tubs, jacuzzis, swingsets, playscapes, and arbors have a fixed life span. Yes, you can break these items down and move them to the front yard, but you still need a truck to take these items to the dump.

When you add up your time, gas, and dump fees you would be better off calling in a specialist. Generally, these bulky items need professional removal. Companies like The Junkluggers of Austin have specialized tools and experience to quickly and safely remove these items.

My items aren’t junk

When you put things out on the curb for removal, everything is going to the landfill. So, if you have furniture that still has some life left in it, consider using a junk hauling company like The Junkluggers of Austin. We work with local charities in Austin, Texas to donate or repurpose your unwanted treasures. Remember you will have the convenience of a scheduled two-hour window for the pickup so you don’t have to waste your time.

Isn’t dumpster rental the same thing?

Not at all. First, you need to make room for the container. Make sure you are considerate of your neighbors and be sure and check with your HOA. Don’t forget, you still need to do all the work! That 300-pound treadmill on the second floor isn’t going to magically move on its own!

Also, make sure that the dumpster you rent has a back end that opens so that you can walk heavy items into the dumpster. Sometimes it is impossible to lift a heavy bookcase or couch 5 feet into the air to throw it into the dumpster. Remember to look for hidden charges added on after the pickup for over weight or putting certain items into the dumpster. Finally, make sure that your dumpster doesn’t become the trash removal bin for your neighboorhood and you end up paying to haul trash for folks dumping debris into your bin.

Austin Junk Removal – Call The Junkluggers of Austin

When you call The Junkluggers of Austin at 512-808-7723 you will be working with a team highly trained furniture and junk removal professionals. You pick the day and two-hour window. We can either provide muscle as labor-only or we can provide labor and removal. All pricing includes standard dump fees.

We will provide you with a free, written quote before we start so there are no surprises. The people that show up to your door are background checked and carry workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Finally, the team sorts your items. This additional step results in 70+% of items being diverted away from the landfill. Additionally, sorting allows usable items like furniture, toys, scrap metal or clothing can be donated, repurposed on recycled. If items are donated from your removal, you will receive an electronic donation receipt.

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