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Organizing Your Garage – Austin Texas

Organizing your garage is a worthy task in Austin. While we don’t get the freezing cold of the North, we face the blistering heat of summer. Also, Texas has been known to get a hail storm or two, so it makes sense to park your car inside the garage if possible.

There are a couple of ways to approach a garage make-over. First, you can call in a professional organizer like the folks from NAPO. The National Association of Professional Organizers offers trained professionals that can help you better organize your garage. At the same time, they may have some good suggestions on what you can do to keep your garage organized. Using a professional organizer can save time and money given that they likely have some handy ideas that you haven’t thought about.

If you are like most folks, you will want to tackle your garage make-over on your own. The first thing you need to consider is how much useable floor space you have? Do you have a small garage or a multi-car space? Are your garage doors in working order? If not, you will be less likely to use your garage even if it is clean!

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OK, let’s start at the beginning. If your car is in the garage pull it out. Let’s check out the garage floor. Check to see if you have oil or other materials that need to be cleaned up. You also might want to consider having your garage floor sealed. You can use an epoxy-seal garage floor paint or pay a pro to do it for you. Starting off with a fresh floor is a great start.

Next, you need to assess your garage and see if you have an area that you can dedicate as an organized space. Finding a dedicated storage space can be difficult to find as many garages are either narrow or short. Don’t forget to look up! You may have space you can use overhead.

Now, take stock of the types of items you have to store. For example, do you have big and bulky items like camping gear or small and narrow items like fishing rods? Look at your garage walls, you may have a shelving unit on the walls, but they may not be efficient. Sometimes, you need to start over! Once you have a good idea of what types of items you have, it is time to take a trip to the hardware store.

It is a good idea to take measurements and pictures of your garage. You need a good idea of the amount of wall space that is available for storage. Also, the area needs to be easily accessible so that you are more likely to use your new garage organization system.

Ok, we have our pictures, measurements, and a clean workspace, now what? You need to consider if you want to create garage storage that is wall-mounted, floor shelving units, or overhead. Remember that you need to have easy access to sports equipment and garden tools!

Take Pictures, create a plan and clean up your garage

Now comes some of the heavy lifting. Carefully mount your shelving units and shelves into your new-found space. It is always a good idea to pull your car back into the garage to make sure it fits with the new storage units in place.

Imagine, you are standing in a garage with a clean floor, mounted storage and a place to put your car. Isn’t life grand? Well, not quite yet! Now we need to find space for your items.

Sorting is tough. This is your opportunity to declutter your life and perhaps give old things a new life. Consider your sports gear, do you need 10 baseball bats and 6 gloves? Maybe not. Perhaps today is a perfect time to give up a few items.

Are you storing old paint? Likely it is too old to use. Take a picture of the paint formula and set the can aside for proper disposal. Do you have old household chemicals? Consider if you will ever use the product. If you haven’t used it in the last 2 months, you likely are never going to use it again. Set these chemicals aside as well, they need to be disposed of properly. Both paint and household chemicals can be taken to Austin Resource Recovery.

Do you have Amazon shipping boxes? Likely you do, so break them down. Cardboard boxes can quickly take over your garage. Don’t let cardboard boxes overrun your garage. Take the time to break them down and to put them into your recycle bin. This action alone will impact your space.

Every day is National Garage Clean Out Day!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. The Junkluggers of Austin can help. We can send over background checked and insured in-home professionals to help you organize your space. If it turns out that you have more things than space, our team can remove unwanted items.

By sorting, we can separate your garage junk from usable items. We will work to donate, repurpose or recycle your items. If we can donate your items, you will receive a donation receipt. We will also make sure that all your paint and household chemicals are properly disposed of.

Imagine how liberating it will feel to pull your car into the garage and to be able to quickly find items in your garage!

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