Hot Tub and Spa Removal | Austin, TX

We provide hot tub and spa removal in Austin. Yes, your hot tub time machine was awesome, but times have changed, and the spa no longer works. Now, you are faced with a breeding ground for mosquitos and an eye-sore. 

Before you can get rid of a hot tub, you may need to have a plumber and an electrician stop by depending on your installation. For instance, it is important to disconnect the power before you remove a hot tub.

Steps for removing your hot tub or spa

  • Ensure that the power to the spa is off
  • Drain the hot tub
  • If self-filling, make sure you have disconnected and turned off the water
  • Plan your exit path carefully. Remember, the dynamics of your yard may have changed since you installed your hot tub. Measure and make sure the spa will fit through the fence gate.
  • Once all your disconnections are completed, it is time to lift out the spa. You need leverage. Plan on using crowbars to gain leverage. Use proper lifting techniques.
  • Look for critters around your spa as you begin to lift. Often spiders, snakes, and other animals create homes near. Be sure to wear gloves and take your time.
  • Now that your hot tub is free it’s time to lift it out of its location. You may need to try to disassemble parts if possible, to get the weight off.
  • Using your path, move the spa down your path and toward your vehicle.
  • Often the simple way to move the spa is on its side. Roll slowly to maintain control.
  • Be sure that your vehicle is wide enough to accept the spa!
  • Be sure that your vehicle can hold the weight. Once you have the spa in your vehicle, observe the back of your truck and make sure that the body of the truck is not resting close to the tires.
  • Mark the back of the spa for visibility if it sticks out past the end of your vehicle.
  • You may want to call ahead to the recycling facility or disposal service to ensure that they will accept the spa. Be ready to pay and additional dump fee in some locations.

Make your hot tub or jacuzzi disappear!

As a premier junk removal company, the Junkluggers of Austin can stop by and provide you with a free estimate. The price depends on the size of the hot tub, so a free estimate makes sure you are not faced with hidden fees.

Leave it to the pros, we provide hot tub removal services, so we have the tools to do all the heavy lifting. Our quote will include labor, removal and dump fees. Our vehicles are designed to drop to the ground allowing our team of in-home service providers to walk your jacuzzi into our container. Further, this saves everyone’s backs!

Additionally, an important consideration is that our team carry workman’s compensation, are background checked and uniformed. We also have insurance if needed. Additionally, our team is trained in proper lifting techniques. Hot tub and spa removal can be complicated. Work with professionals.

As a sustainable junk hauling service, we will ensure that we will responsibly dispose of your jacuzzi or hot tub. Additionally, if you live in Travis County, TX you can save time by booking online. Jacuzzi removal doesn’t need to be complicated. Call The Junkluggers of Austin to properly dispose of your hot tub.

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