Just Give It Away

Have you heard of donation junk removal? Just give it away. The decision to keep it or throw it away can be difficult. We have all been there. Sometimes, we have a breakup, a divorce, lose a job, change living arrangements, and suddenly we have more things than a room in our home.

If you are a business, you may have a bolus of inventory and you need a temporary solution. So, what do we do? Typically, we go out and rent a storage unit. For some, this is a perfect solution to a temporary situation.

Folks often use storage units during a remodel. This is an excellent idea! Just make sure that when you are ready to move back into your home, you are ready to clean out the storage unit. Typically, some of your furniture no longer goes with your remodel or you buy something new and your old furniture sits in a storage locker. Not only do you not want it, but now you are paying to store it! Does that make sense?

Donation Junk Removal, why not?

Typically, you are asked to use a credit card for recurring payments. If you can avoid this practice, do. Getting a bill every month will remind you to make a decision! 

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Other times you may find yourself with an unneeded storage unit may be related to children and aging parents. If they aren’t going back to college, clear out that storage locker! Why do you want to storage costs on unwanted items? If they do not want their stuff from college or haven’t used something in years, pass it on to someone else.

My storage unit was supposed to be temporary. I initially got it after moving in with my former boyfriend to save money.

Is mom’s sofa still in style?

With aging parents, they may be living with you now or have downsized and put family heirlooms and extra items into a storage unit. If time has passed and these items are not of interest to a family member, consider donating these items and save the money on storing them with an inevitable fate of the landfill or future donation to charity. Take the write off this year and put these items to good use. Often times, however, this short-term solution turns into a long-term recurring cost, that over time could cost you thousands of dollars. Quickly, you need to ask yourself, storage unit or throw it away? 

He kept paying the rent on the unit for almost a year — $217 every month. But Sloan finally lost his patience and told her: “You know, we’re not even together anymore. This stuff’s gotta go!

So why is the storage locker business valued at over $38 Billion per year? The simple answer is that people are lazy. At least this is the theory of some in the storage company industry.  “Human laziness has always been a big friend of self-storage operators,” Derek Naylor, former president of Storage Marketing Solutions, told The New York Times in 2009. 

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“It’s typically all about procrastination,” says Ann Gambrell, a founder of the National Association of Professional Organizers, who runs decluttering workshops and clutter support groups. “People end up spending money because they can’t make a decision.” 

Some things you need to consider when you go to renew your storage locker.

If I could buy all the things that are in my storage locker again, would I? This is particularly true if you are moving, or redecorating. Is the red sofa going to work with the new decor? If you are downsizing, then do it! Don’t downsize your living area to save money only to defer some of your savings to a storage facility! Donate, recycle or repurpose items to others that are useable.

Are the items in the storage unit replaceable? If they are, why store the items? Remember, storage isn’t free! This is particularly important if you are storing inventory. How many months will it take for you to lose the value of your products to storage fees? If you cant sell it today, why are people going to buy it in a month? 

Are you storing a memory? This is tough. You are holding on to a loved one’s possessions. Often these items hold sentimental value. You don’t want to throw these items away. Try to be creative, can you donate the items so they can live on? Can you recover the sofa to make it more modern? Or do you need to let some things go?  Consider donation junk removal.

Does it make sense to discard your things?

It might be best to make peace with your unwanted items. Why are you holding on to things that you will likely never see or use again? Consider donation junk removal. Why not work with a professional that can remove, donate, recycle or repurpose your items? Storage locker cleanouts end the recurring fees! It also liberates your lifestyle and helps you let go of things that you no longer need.

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