The Value of Furniture and Junk Removal

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time is money junk removal

The value of furniture and junk removal is sometimes difficult to understand. There has been a lot of evidence recently that speaks to the fact that living in a clutter-free environment is good for you. By streamlining your living area finding items becomes easier. It is easier to find your keys or other items when your home is clean and tidy. For the elderly, it is even more important to live in a clutter-free environment to reduce fall risk.

While not junk, furniture, exercise equipment, and other large items in your home can all contribute to a disorganized home. It is just as stressful to squeeze past a large chair or walk around an unused treadmill as stepping around a pile of clothes on the floor. With clutter, your life is more disorganized. Who needs that?


Sometimes, clutter exists because the items are simply too heavy to move. Perhaps you need someone else to do the heavy lifting. It may worthwhile to use a furniture removal company. While these companies charge to remove pieces of furniture, the cost of furniture removal is less than having to go to the doctor for a hurt back! Furniture removal services are generally provided by a junk removal company. It is worth understanding the mission of the junk removal service that you choose to call. Many companies simply provide furniture disposal and your usable items end up in the landfill.

Another option for junk hauling is renting a dumpster. If you have the time and are strong enough to lift heavy items, that could be a viable option. If you chose to use a dumpster, you need to check to see if there is a minimum number of days you need to keep the dumpster. Often you are required to keep a dumpster for 3-5 days and when you add up the total cost, you essentially take a project that could have taken 2 hours and done by a team of professions and you turn it into a three-day project where you do all the work!

If you choose to clean up and feel that you need a junk removal company to help out, you need to think about which company to call.

Here are some things to think about.

  1. Are they a professional eco-friendly junk removal company or are you calling someone who is moonlighting?
  2. Are they insured for property damage?
  3. Do they carry Workman’s Compensation?
  4. Are dump fees included? Many apps that offer low-cost furniture and junk removal fail to mention that you are responsible for dump fees.
  5. Do they have the proper tools to provide efficient waste removal?
  6. Are you provided a written estimate of the removal cost and final price before they start?
  7. Do they have an appointment center so that you can speak to a live operator?

Is the junk hauling service being offered to you timely?

First of all, can your needs be met either the same or the next day? Who wants a big mess sitting in their living room for a week? Also, then they do arrive, are they speedy in removing your mess? Generally, you don’t have hours to wait to have someone clean out your waste. You want someone to come to your house and get items out, quickly and safely without damaging your property.

Do they take all the junk?

junk and furniture removal

To avoid frustration find out if your service is willing to take all your items. Often, if you contact a donation company to pick-up furniture you may be disappointed when they refuse your sofa because it has a small stain on the cushion! It is also important to understand if there are surcharges for certain items like tires, or paint.

Frankly, to properly dispose of these types of household debris Austin landfills charge more to receive these items. If a provider ever offers to dispose of hazardous chemicals they should immediately be reported. Home junk removal services should never remove hazardous waste. A call to 311 and asking for Austin Resource Recovery may provide you with assistance on how to dispose of these types of chemicals properly. Generally, a licensed junk hauler should be able to take all your items, however, some things could require a surcharge that will impact the average cost.

Commercial Junk Removal Requires Expert Furniture and Junk Removal

The value of furniture and junk removal is very apparent when it comes to commercial customers. Often, commercial offices are required to work closely with property managers who have very specific requirements. Most require a valid COI to be provided prior to starting the job. As the tenet, you are responsible for any damage. Make sure that the company you choose is insured. Additionally, make sure that your partner has Workman’s Compensation if their employee happens to get hurt on your property.


Professionals will walk through the property with you, understand the exit strategy, and where to park. The last thing you need is to have your property manager upset because of a company you hired.

The value of opening up floor space is priceless. Imagine reconfiguring your office without expanding your footprint. Staying small but efficient saves money and improves profit.

Finally, as a commercial customer, the items you discard may still be useable. Why not work with a company that works to donate, repurpose or recycle items removed from your office? Be sure and ask for a donation receipt of items that are donated. This could help to offset the cost of junk removal.

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