Musical Instrument Junk Removal

Austin Musical Instruments can be repurposed

Musical Instrument junk removal

Does your musical instrument need a new home? Learning to play an instrument is a great right of passage for many people. Did you always want to play a woodwind instrument like a saxophone, clarinet, or flute? Or were you more of a string player like a violin, cello or bass? Some folks are into percussion like the drums, string instruments or the all-star favorite the piano. Whatever your choice, likely it is sitting in the corner collecting dust.  It just happens!  

Think about it, when was the last time you pulled your musical instrument out? How many times have you walked past the upright piano sitting against the wall or the baby grand piano taking up half the dining room!  Whatever the reason, you have a perfectly good musical instrument taking up space in your closet or room.  This is particularly apparent when you have large instruments.


You know that you need to clean up the clutter, but you need to find the time or do know how best to dispose of musical instruments. Additionally, most of us have an emotional attachment to the old piano that your child played in their youth. The last thing you want to see happen is to have your musical instrument to end up in the landfill.

So what can you do with your item?  Well, the ease of getting rid of your instrument really varies based on the size of your instrument!  The bigger and heavier your musical instrument, the hard it is to dispose of.

Let’s think about some things that you can do with your instrument.  The first thing you need to think about is what would be ideal? Do you want to sell your instrument, donate it or, if not working, recycle?  


Before you do anything, you may want to understand what value your instrument may have.  You never know as the price of musical instruments varies widely based on manufacturer and quality.  

Before we go any further, why don’t you look at your musical instrument and write down any name, model and serial number that you find on the instrument and write it down.  Next, let’s go over to Appraiser Association and look to see if your musical instrument has any value.  If it does great!  You have lots of options. 

You can sell it personally via Craigslist Austin or a number of online apps.  Some of the keywords you may want to try are” Austin musical instruments for sale” or “Austin musical instruments”. Hopefully one of these two key terms will narrow your search in Craigslist. The only issue that you may have with a private sale is that you may have a stranger in your home. If the product that you have is small, meet any prospective buyer in a public place like a mall or coffee shop.  Be careful if you take a check.  Cash is best for a personal transaction.

One other place you may want to try is musical instrument stores. At the end of the day, you may find that the value of trying to sell an old clarinet isn’t worth the effort. That’s why it is worth trying to get a rough estimate of the value of the instrument before you think about selling.


Musical Instrument junk removal

Another option is to donate the instrument.  If you choose to donate your musical instrument, it is a good idea to make sure that the item is in working condition. Most charities don’t have the resources to fix musical instruments. There are a number of opportunities to donate instruments in Austin.  You may want to drop them by Community First, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army.  You may also want to call your local school district to see if they are looking for instruments. If you choose to donate your items, you should receive a donation slip and having an appraisal helps to justify the donation amount. 


A potential option is to recycle the instrument.  Often, instruments are made with silver or other quality metals.  If you are going to throw a broken instrument away, why not try to recycle the parts?  

If you are creative, perhaps you can turn that old clarinet into a lamp or your old trumpet into a brass water fountain for the backyard.  Turning a broken instrument into art can be a satisfying weekend project to share with your kids!


Most junk removal companies charge by volume.  That means the cost of the pick-up is based on the amount of space your items take in their truck.  They also have minimum charges so it makes no sense to have a junk removal company stop by to pick up a small instrument.  

If you are decluttering your home, be sure and let the in-home specialist that you have a musical instrument so that they can take care to set the item aside for safekeeping and donation. Don’t forget to ask for a donation receipt from your musical instrument junk removal service. 


If you are thinking about removing a piano or organ, likely you will need to rent specialized equipment to safely move these items.  Before you begin piano removal, you may also want to look online to see if there are any special instructions on how to remove legs or cover and how to lock the keyboard to keep from damaging the piano.  Don’t forget, pianos are VERY HEAVY.  You must use proper lifting techniques and furniture pads.  

PLAN your exit and take care not to damage your floors or walls.  Pianos are awkward and can easily get out of control.  Also, once you get the piano out of the house, make sure that the vehicle that you are placing the piano into can hold the weight. 

 Also, try to use a ramp or lift-gate to place the piano into the truck.  Trying to deadlift a piano from the ground to the back of a truck is very difficult and can easily fall ruining the piano and potentially hurting you!  Think twice before you try to move a piano without professional help. You may want to use a musical instrument junk removal service.


Musical Instrument junk removal

If you call The Junkluggers of Austin you can book the same or next day appointment with a two-hour window so that you don’t have to spend your day waiting for someone to stop by.  Based on the size of your instrument, it may be the perfect time to declutter some other items in your home at the same time.  When you clean out the closet, get rid of old clothes, boxes, and shoes at the same time!  The Junkluggers will work hard to donate, recycle or repurpose ALL of your items.  

If we are able to donate any of your things, we will send you a copy of the donation receipt for your files.  Let us deal with your heavy piano!  We have the tools and experience to get the piano out of your home without damaging your home or the piano!  Let us find a new owner like a church or a school that can make sweet music with it.  

Before we remove your things we will provide you with an estimate of the charges so that you are 100% informed of the pricing. We work to keep as many things as possible out of the Austin landfill and nothing makes us happier than to make old things new again. 


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