Sustainability at The University Of Texas

Sustainability at The University Of Texas is cherished. There are so many brilliant minds at the University of Texas. Every year a new crop of students find their way to Austin and on to campus. Many of the students choose dorm life. With the influx of students comes new furniture, beds, mattresses, and stuff! It is a fun and chaotic time.

In a blink of an eye, football season turns into basketball that turns into baseball. Suddenly, the year is over and the students at the University of Texas are on the move. Some are graduating and moving on, others take a well-deserved break before the next year starts. Either way, folks are on transitioning out of dorm living.

The Junkluggers of Austin were proud to work with to help clean students out of their dorms. The Junkluggers of Austin picked-up mattresses and sent them out for donation to limit items entering the landfill! How cool is that? Read more at:  City Works to Clean Up West Campus Move Out

When you think about sustainability at The University Of Texas, think of The Junkluggers of Austin. We want to be your #1 junk hauler in Austin.

We love being a sustainability company in Austin.

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