What can you do with cardboard boxes in Austin?

Cardboard is a widely used packaging material that plays a crucial role in our daily lives. However, the production and disposal of cardboard can have a significant impact on the environment. Fortunately, cardboard is highly recyclable, and it can be

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zero waste and circular economy

Zero Waste and the Circular Economy

I am in the business of junk. Specifically, I focus on recycling, upcycling, reuse, repurposing, and minimizing taking items to the landfill. It sounds like a lot to worry about, right? Yes, it is.

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Facebook review for complicated donation

Complicated Job, Donation Receipt​

One of my biggest hesitations with, getting rid of junk is that most of it isn’t junk. It’s stuff, stuff I want to know is recycled properly, stuff that can be repurposed, stuff that can be donated to someone in need, stuff I can not move myself.

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On-Time​, Great Attitude

I love these guys. They are on time, on budget, work with great attitudes and even do some light clean up after the junk is gone. Great company… buy with confidence. Douglas R.

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Eco-Minded and Donates

Highly recommend this company. Laura the owner runs a tight ship and is eco-minded in what can be a dirty business. Junkluggers repurposes or donates what they can in every haul, I guess they take “another man’s treasure” to heart!

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Keep the “junk” out of the landfill

Junkluggers has great people, and they try hard to keep the “junk” that they pick up out of the landfill.  The first time we used their services, they hauled off an old piano that was way out of tune.  They

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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to junk removal, you need the best; you need a professional. Our team has what it takes to ensure your property doesn’t have any unwanted junk.

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